Teapots, vessels and figurines on show at IMAGES OF TASMANIA 20.

My ceramics on show at IMAGES OF TASMANIA 20 at the Long & Sidespace Galleries, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart in December 2017.

My earliest memory of clay goes back to primary school in the English Midlands. I remember the absolute joy I felt as a six year old, having pinched and teased a miniature horse from a lump of clay!

During the late 1970’s – as part of my training to be an Art teacher – I rediscovered clay. I enjoyed the challenge of throwing on the potters wheel and became moderately proficient at making various vessels. But when I discovered underglaze colours and the techniques of mould making and slip-casting during post-graduate studies, I was in heaven!!

I’ve since built up a small ceramics business, producing a range of tableware inspired by Australian wildlife, limited edition teapots and figurative sculptures.